The EU funded project IPSD starts in ADISA Fier 

On Tuesday, November 14th, in integrated center, ADISA Fier took part the inaugural activity of the project "Support to improve citizen-centric public service delivery" - IPSD, funded by the European Union in cooperation with "Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services Delivery in Albania" ADISA as a beneficiary institution. The project is implemented by a consortium of serious companies, among them IDRA Company, has a significant part of the project's components. Present at this introductory activity were the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, Mrs. Senida Mesi, General Director of ADISA, Mrs. Anisa Gjika, Mayor of Fier, Mr. Armando Subashi, representatives of the Delegation of the European Union and World Bank in Albania, important leaders of central and local institutions, as well as representatives of the business community, civil society, media and citizens.

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In her opening speech, the General Director of ADISA, Mrs. Anisa Gjika, noted the fact that this project is a continuation of close cooperation with international partners, who have strongly supported the reform of public services in Albania, contributing more and more to the consolidation of a service delivery model aimed at be more transparent, more efficient, more dignified and standardized by coming closer to the citizen. "Today's activity aims to bring to the citizens and institutions, part of the public service reform, innovations and key components that will be provided by the project "Support to Improve Citizen-Centric Public Service Delivery "- IPSD, funded by European Union. The legal and regulatory impact of public service reform in the future, the increase of human resources capacities, the necessary monitoring mechanisms to measure the performance of institutions are only some of the pillars to be addressed in the framework of this assistance, which will have an 18-month duration”, - said Mrs. Gjika.

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Furthermore, present in this activity, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs. Senida Mesi, pointing out the advancement of ADISA's unique model as an integrated, well-functioning public service center, focused on the Albanian Government's vision to be as close to every citizen and entrepreneur in the country. "Thanks to this project being launched today, aimed at advancing the unique ADISA model through further integration of services, based on more innovative solutions, the citizen will move to a more solid link with the state administration. This is precisely the core of the vision that we as the Albanian Government are pursuing to be side by side and as close as possible to every citizen and entrepreneur, by co-operating with them, in order to have a faster and more qualitative communication with the goal and only the creation of a solid relationship where citizenship is always the first”, - said Deputy Prime Minister Mesi.

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In his greeting speech, the Mayor of Fier, Mr. Armando Subashi, speaking about the excellent cooperation with ADISA Fier Integrated Center and thanking the support of the Government and the international partners, emphasized that the Municipality of Fier has offered all proper assistance and is also working to establish its integrated center for service to citizens by cooperating with ADISA. He suggested that in the future, efforts will be made to combine the provision of local and central services through the ADISA counters.

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Following, the IPSD Programme Manager, Mrs. Daina Belicka, during her presentation, stressed the importance of implementing the project supported by the European Union and its benefits in providing citizen-centered public services. "The project aims to enhance citizen-centric public service delivery, contribute towards simplified procedures for obtaining information at ADISA’ info desks, improving citizen experiences and providing more services of various types by increasing quality, modernize the technology and continuing public services, which consist not only on the Front Office, but also in Back Office, through implementation of important components such as legal and regulatory, technical, capacity building development and improvement of operational procedures. With the support of the Albanian government and the European Union, the project consists not only in technical terms, providing documents, manuals and technical assistance, but also transferring the knowledge, with the aim of making it more tangible to Albanian citizens by providing technical assistance in capacity building, in the form of training with ADISA staff and gaining know-how to other actors involved in the implementation of this project”, - said Mrs. Daina Belicka, the Programme Manager of IPSD.

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The World Bank representative, Mrs. Evis Sulko congratulated the launch of a project funded by the European Union, a continuation of the project by the World Bank in 2014, a result not only in infrastructure, but also in terms of legal framework and institutional perspective. "Creating a sustainable business model that will long live with Albanian citizens moves forward and places the citizens’ culture of receiving a service. And not only in providing the model that the Albanian government intends, more or less the citizen needs to understand what is the standard that needs to be served and the time it takes to get this service, to divide government institutions at the central and local level, according to the promised qualities and standards ", said the World Bank representative, Mrs. Evis Sulko.

This project is being developed in the framework of the public service delivery reform, undertaken by the Albanian Government through the program "Innovation Against Corruption: Building a Citizen-Centered Model in Public Services Delivery in Albania". The activity is aimed at presenting project components aimed at improving the delivery of public services by reviewing the legal and regulatory framework of their provision, aiming at capacity building and development, and improving operational procedures, designing a model the business for carrying out ADISA's activity, and improving the performance of delivering services. The activity also aims to present and inform on the new EU programs as a key actor in financing and providing assistance, in cooperation with the Albanian Government and ADISA, for improving public services as a whole and delivery mode of them. Lastly, this project aims to provide innovative solutions for improving public service delivery, strengthening the law and fighting corruption in delivering public services. The EU-funded IPSD project budget amounts to 1 million euros and will be implemented within a time limit of 18 months (June 2017 - December 2018). The project will be implemented by the consortium of HUMELICA Consulting International (HCI), Belgium, "Gopa Consultants", "ICON Institute" and "IDRA Research & Consulting".