Labor Force Survey, Kosovo 2017

IDRA Kosova is working together with Social Impact to conduct Labor Force Survey in Kosovo.

In December 2015, the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC), an independent U.S. foreign aid agency, that is helping to lead the fight against global poverty, has selected Kosovo as eligible for its Millennium Threshold Program.

The Threshold Program assists and supports governments’ efforts in developing and reforming policies and institutions in furtherance of economic growth. In order to successfully implement the program, the selected country must demonstrate commitment to just and democratic governance, investments in its people and economic freedom as measured by different policy indicators.

With the aim of facilitating reliable economic analysis and enhance the process of becoming eligible for implementation, Social Impact (SI) has been contracted by MCC to conduct a nationally and regionally representative labor force and time use study in Kosovo.

The key objective of this research is to explore the dynamics around employment and time use in Kosovo with special attention to impacts on labor market decisions, factors that inhibit entrepreneurship and gender related issues. The main goal is to identify binding constraints to growth.

IDRA, acting as a sub-contractor, is responsible for the data collection and quality assurance thereof. The data is collected over a period of 5 months, from February to June 2017, through three primary activities;

  • Household Rosters on Labor Force Status
  • Extended Interviews
  • Time Use Surveys

The data collection is conducted in 854 Enumeration Areas (EAs) evenly distributed across the seven regions of Kosovo. 10 households per EA will be enumerated resulting in a total sample size of 8,540.