Klos Municipality towards the conclusion of its General Local Plan

Discussions and conclusions before the City Council of Klos Municipality approves its General Local Plan

In the framework of the finalization of the General Local Plan (GLP) of Klos Municipality, IDRA Research and Consulting and representatives of the city council met on February 13th 2018. The GLP aims to provide the Municipality with a tool to help with the administration of its territory and provide guidelines of a sustainable development for the next 15 years. The GLP of Klos Municipality is funded by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation through its Programme of Decentralization and Local Development Programme (dldp), implemented by the Klos Municipality and the consultancy support of IDRA Research and Consulting. This process started more than a year ago, and before its finalization and approval by the City Council, consultants and city council’s members met for the final discussions and clarifications. In this meeting were present 12 members out of 21, the Mayor Mr. Basir Çupa, the Director of the Urban Sector, as well as the administrators of the administrative units.

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In positive terms, the discussion was extended to the urban plan of the Municipality of Klos and, like in previous phases, and the project was fully supported by participants. On the other hand, key experts involved in this project made further clarifications on the infrastructure system, the location of services in the city of Klos and several cultural monuments. After the meeting, the plan will be ready for approval at the City Council and only after could be presented for review at the National Territorial Council.

IDRA Research & Consulting has been an important factor in drafting the General Local Plan with its regulation, maps, and the Strategic Environmental Assessment, involving all stakeholders in this process.

General Local Plans have been an initiative of the Albanian Government and foreign donors, following the Administrative and Territorial Reform, started in 2014. Until now, only 43 out of 61 municipalities have or are still in the process to have a GLP. The new Territorial Administrative Reform aimed to empower municipalities, especially the new ones, enhancing their ability to provide quality and timely services to citizens and increase the efficiency of local governance.