IDRA awarded as "The best data vetting partner" by Gallup


IDRA Research, the research unit of IDRA company, awarded as "The best data vetting partner" by Gallup Word Poll, during a conference held on March 12-13, 2018, at Courtyard by Marriot, Budapest. Director of Research for Global Migration and Regional Director for Gallup's World Poll Mrs. Neli Esipova, stressed that this Certificate of Recognition expresses the importance of cooperation with IDRA Research & Consulting and quality assurance Gallup gets in collecting data across the territory of Albania.

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For the fifth consecutive year, IDRA Research & Consulting covers fieldwork with a sample size up to 1000 interviews across the country, providing qualitative and quantitative data for the Gallup World Poll.

During the conference, IDRA Research & Consulting representative, Pjerina Dodbiba made a presentation on the topic "Ideas for Quality Control" by presenting to the participants the entire data collection process based on the most efficient verification methodology. Questionnaires are collected in electronic form, via tablets, and sent to the central server where the verification and processing of data is then performed. The Steering Panel appreciated the adaptation made by IDRA's IT experts to these softwares in data collection, enabling real-time monitoring of the project, identifying field errors and guaranteeing the quality by ensuring the accuracy of data for the Gallup World Poll. 

IDRA Research & Consulting is a promoter in approaching new applied methodologies by bringing innovation to the research field and positioning itself as the leading research agency in Albania.