Due to the extraordinary situation created by the spread of COVID-19, IDRA Research & Consulting has taken immediate action to prevent exposure to any risk to staff and associates. We have activated our protocols to prevent exposure to any risk to staff and associates.

For almost ten days now, our entire team in Albania and Kosovo has activated full-time and home-based work protocols.

We would like to emphasize that all the services provided by our team, which are possible to provide without the need for physical proximity, will continue to meet our customers' needs.

On the other hand, in compliance with both the ESOMAR guidelines (link here), IDRA RESEARCH unit, as an early member, it is taking measures with each client to delay or suspend the realization of all activities that pose a risk to researchers or our associates at every level. We have suspended face-to-face field surveys, but telephone (CATI) and online (IDRAPOLL) surveys continue to be operational.

All IDRA ADVANCE and IDRA DiGIS development consultancy projects are proceeding non-stop, implementing security protocols. We are fully available to our clients even in this period.

We remind you that you can contact our employees through their emails or contact numbers as usual and through the company's official email: idra@idra.al

We wish that this period of isolation be completed as soon as possible. We strongly believe that together we will win this fight with the COVID-19 virus. Be safe and sound!

ESOMAR Guidance on the situation of COVID-19: