Advertising Intelligence

  • Media Plan Verification. When you need to be absolutely sure that all your spots, logos, pop-ups or mentions are actually aired / published as planned, IDRAMEDIA is here to provide you with the evidence, to capture any changes however small, and to ensure that changes to the plan are well-documented. 
  • Competitive Reports. They vary in scope and format, but generally include sector-based data that provide the full picture of the advertising market expressed in various metrics such as ad air time, spending, number of ad occurrences, time of airing, duration, prime time presence, weekend share, premium placements, etc. 
  • Daily Reports. When you need immediate documentation for your own or your competitors' TV, Print or Radio ads, IDRAMEDIA captures and sends you the video, image or audio file in record time.
  • Alerts & Notifications. We send alerts and notify our clients immediately in cases of relevant events, news or ads. Alerts are send via e-mails, SMS or Skype, depending on clients' preference. 

IDRAMEDIA produces advertising performance indicators that are useful for clients who want to improve their media strategies and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Key indicators include:

  • Number of ad occurrences
  • Time of airings / Ad placement
  • Total Advertising Air Time / Total Advertising Space
  • Spending
  • Prime Time presence
  • Day part splits
  • Weekend share
  • Premium placement shares
  • Free Spots vs. Sponsorships

Our clients work with us to measure TV advertising, to monitor media campaigns, to analyze advertising trends, to gain insight into creative content, to evaluate expenditures, to understand competitors’ advertising moves and to identify the best options for spending their advertising budgets.

Editorial Content Monitoring

Traditionally known as Press Clipping this service extends now into TV and Online media in addition to newspapers and magazines. It brings to clients mentions, news, interviews and articles covering themes, keywords and brands related to the client or to the competition. This service is valuable to PR departments, spokespersons and communication managers. Key performance indicators that are captured by IDRAMEDIA include:

  • Total coverage time / space
  • Share of coverage time / space
  • Number of news reports / articles (mentions)
  • Number of dedicated news reports / articles (press releases)
  • Ratio of text vs brand appeareance / text vs. photo
  • Number of newspapers
  • Advertising Value Equivalency
  • Tone of Voice

Audience Ratings

IDRAMEDIA has introduced an original method for measuring audience preferences regarding media channels and particular media content. The results it brings are valuable indicators of viewers' emotional bonding with content and therefore a reliable predictor of advertising & PR campaign effectiveness. The qualitative scores can be used for:

  • Media campaign planning
  • Media buying negotiations
  • Post-buy evaluations
  • Competitive analysis
In addition, and in cooperation with Telemetrix sh.a, IDRAMEDIA offers professional TV audience measurement. 

Customised Monitoring & Analysis

For clients who require in-depth knowledge of media activities and competitive information we prepare special reports that measure performance of given sectors and companies. These reports are important for annual planning and reporting and for projecting future media strategies.

  • Cross-media analysis 

  • Sector-based media presence
  • Cost analysis of advertising & PR campaigns