IDRA Advance offers a wide range of development consulting services in the following areas:

I.Economic Growth & Enterprise Development

  • Business Environment Reforms
  • Trade
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Agriculture Development
  • Competitive Intelligence

II.Democracy & Governance

We offer services in design, implementation, and evaluation for a wide range of governance and public administration reforms, legal and policy frameworks, decentralization, anti-corruption and civil society involvement.

  • Public Administration & Public Services Reforms
  • Local Government and Decentralization
  • Rule of Law
  • Anti-Corruption Strategies
  • Education
  • Civil Society and Public Advocacy

III.Urban Development

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Urban Planning
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Capacity and Feasibility studies

IV.Environment & Energy

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Energy Efficiency

V. Monitoring & Evaluation Services

IDRA Advance builts upon the expertise of IDRA Research to offer a complete solution for Monitoring & Evaluation needs. We help our clients rigorously assess their performance, identify lessons learned and good practices within projects in order to improve future programming. During the years IDRA Advance has delivered M&E services to clients like USAID, Chemonics, DFID, EU Commision, GIZ etc. 

  • Monitoring
    • Results framework development
    • Performance monitoring plan development
    • M&E system design
    • Data quality assessments
    • Data collection and monitoring
    • Performance management system development
  • Evaluations
    • Performance evaluations
    • Impact evaluations

Our clients include Public Institutions, International Organizations and Private Companies.