IDRA Company is a spinoff from the research unit of Institute for Development Research and Alternatives ( www.idrainstitute.org ) , a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan independent think-tank established by a group of experienced researchers in 2000. In year 2006, the research unit of the IDRA Institute was established as a limited liability company, offering services in the area of market research and development consulting. IDRA Institute remains the non-profit partner of our company and we still serve as their research arm whenever needed.

During this decade of operation IDRA Company has been growing constantly expanding the scope of services and the geographical coverage. In 2012 we opened an office in Prishtina, Kosovo and have become a leading research brand in Kosovo market within 3 years of operations. We have been providing services in other countries such as Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan etc.


Our Structure

Our services are offered through our four operational units:


  • IDRA Research –Market & Opinion Research services

... offers full-scale and high quality market research services, both quantitative and qualitative, for private and institutional clients. The methods used include face-to-face, CAPI, CATI, CAWI, focus groups, in-depth interviews, product testing, etc. IDRA has more than 400 interviewers in Albania and 250 in Kosovo. It also possesses all the equipments and facilities for focus group discussions. Many leading brands in the market use IDRA research services. We are a proud member of ESOMAR (www.esomar.org) - The World Association of Research Proffesionals and also complay with ISO Standard 2025-2012 on " Market, Opinion and Social Research". 


  • IDRA Advance – Development Consulting services

.....offers a wide range of development consulting services in the area of i) Economic Growth, ii) Democracy & Governance iii) Social Development, iv) Urban Development v) Environment & Energy vi) Competitive Business Intelligence etc. Our clients include Public Institutions, International Organizations and Private Companies.


  • IDRA DiGis– Data Intelligence and GIS services

....offers services in the area of IT systems for data intelligence and Geographic Information Services. DiGIS is focused on IT systems that collect, manage, analyze, and report data to fulfill specific needs of organizations and businesses. The IDRA DIGIS team aids the implementation process of developed solutions and the transfer of ownership to the clients with its superior knowledge and experience in data collection and analysis.


  • IDRAMEDIA– Media Intelligence Services

.. is the media monitoring unit of IDRA Research & Consulting. It provides the best advertising intelligence and media monitoring service in the Albanian market. Our online database offers the most optimal coverage of TV and Print ad space and our monitoring infrastructure ensures non-stop and up-to-the-minute recording of all ads. We help clients analyze and interpret trends and information so they can make better decisions.

The combination of expertise, professionalism, innovative thinking and passion make IDRA a unique partner for your projects.