The consortium composed by Ernst & Young and IDRA has just been awarded a contract from Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU) / Ministry of Finance (Albania) on "Feasibility Study on Implementing Font-Office-Back Office Separation" 

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a feasibility study on the separation of Front Office from the Back Office in central government institutions that fall under Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services in Albania (ADISA) scope, in order to combat corruption and increase the quality of service, transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Based on a detailed assessment of the service windows of these institutions, the study is expected to address the viability and implementation of:

1) Separated Front Office management through outsourcing, which is defined as the contracting out of a process that an organization may have previously performed internally or has a new need for, to an independent organization, public or private, from which the process is purchased back as a service. An outsourcing deal may also involve transfer of the employees and assets involved to the outsourcing entity; and

2) Centralized service windows for multiple institutions.